There’s a certain satisfaction…

in receiving the following email just hours after a nice woman picked up this funky nightstand from me (I had forgotten to delete the listing), never once trying to haggle over my already ludicrously cheap price:

“I am very much interested in the nightstand, I was wondering whether a reduction in the price would be possible – or delivery, maybe?”

HA! Too bad, so sad, Craigslist Cheapskate that for once i can ignore :). Apparently, I’m not the only one annoyed by the hecklers, check out this Craigslist vent!

P.S. The buyer customized her new nifty nightstand by removing my shabby chic Anthropologie knobs and replacing them with some i found for free.


vintage night stand


It is almost Labor Day weekend!

Here’s a nice read:

Musings on the chic life

I know we have a couple of weeks, but where, exactly, has this summer (and this year?!) gone??? I have had a fantastic summer, by my standards, and I only hope to build upon it.

In no particular order, I have:

  1. Learned to stand up paddleboard (SUP)
  2. Become a beginner trapeze artist (and discovered something I want to do at least once a week for as long as I am physically capable)
  3. Read a lot of books
  4. Made some great new friends
  5. Went to Ravinia festival for the first time (and I am going back September 8)
  6. Helped my sister move and discovered a new neighborhood in the process
  7. Went to more Cubs games than I have ever been to in one summer (and going again on Tuesday)
  8. Went to my first Cubs rooftop game
  9. Bought tickets to a preseason Blackhawks game and cheered them on and was shocked and…

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Now That’s One Dissatisfied Customer.

I got threatened today in the line of duty.

I sold a rug. I thought the rug to be in nice condition (i do not sell rugs that i think are not up to standard). My customer, who had been giving me the run-around via email and text for at least three days, mind you, decided she would show up at 3pm, not 6pm, so i had to adjust my plans, which i did. i met her at my house, and brought her the rolled up/taped rug, and asked her if she wanted to look at it. She denied this opportunity, saying she trusted me that it wasn’t burnt (why would it be burnt? i didn’t smoke on it…).

Well a few hours later… I get one helluva angry voice message. However, it still ended with decency. Although she said I am a person who does not live up to my word, and the rug was dirty and burnt (with an iron, apparently. i had not noticed this), she said that one day, the $35 she spent on me is going to be $35 i had to spend. Little did she know, I’d taken out a pole and lost my bumper like an hour ago, perhaps she has powers. And little does she know, before that i donated nice clothes to a stranger who was very touched and felt i’d done a mitzvah. But she said she wishes me well and “god bless.”

Apparently, anger grabbed ahold of her and she texted me that if she doesn’t get her $35 back, she’s going to show up at my front door and inform my neighbors how i do business.

1. my neighbors know damn well how i do my business.
2. that would be a written threat
3. she wants to play, i’ll call the police.
4. would have been happy to give her money back had she asked for it in a kind fashion.

An interview with Bryon Finke of Furnishly

Thrifty Chi

I arrive to our interview late and find Bryon Finke sitting diligently at his laptop, wearing a gray Furnishly t-shirt, and typing away at his keyboard. The River North Starbucks we’re at is busy with its morning rush of commuters and, over the barista’s shouts of double-tall lattes and the 70s soul music blasting from the store’s speakers, I apologize profusely. Bryon, in a genuine and relaxed manner that continues throughout our interview, assures me that it’s OK and we dive right into conversation.

Inspired by online micro-market places, Bryon founded Furnishly, an online secondhand furniture market place, just over a year ago. Prior to Furnishly, Bryon was an engineering graduate eager to make the switch from enterprise software into the consumer spectrum of the tech world. “I was basically looking for something to jump into,” he tells me with a certainty and smile that, right away, makes…

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