Rattan V. Wicker

Do you often find yourself writing the description of a chair for a Craigslist posting at 4:13 a.m., daring to dream of selling it over the weekend for $15, and not sure whether it is in fact wicker or rattan – or what the differences between those two even are? If so, read this. Then, let me know what you think this is! I’m going with “wicker.” Rattan has a nice upscale ring to it that this chair does not live up to.


gray wicker chair 2


Craigslist Lunatics

This lady wanted to buy my markedly underpriced vintage rusted orange La-Z-Boy Rocka Recliner. I have researched La-Z-Boy vintage chairs and the authentic handle/reclining lever piece with the brand logo on it is being sold on eBay and other sites for more money than I’m asking for the entire chair!

I was going to sell this chair to her for $35. The part that kills me the most is not the precise combination of psychotic rudeness she projected while fastidiously examining the chair until she found something slightly wrong with it, but how much of my time I spent  talking to her about church and smart phones and service providers, for free! She did tell me some advice that was once told to her, about not looking a gift horse in the mouth, that one person might pay a far higher price for the value they find in the piece.

Damn right. 🙂

Here is the unsold wonder, looking for a home near you!


The Little Red Chair That Could

When I alley-snagged this chair, I saw several angles of potential appeal. First of all, with a fresh paint-job, this sucker could be ALL RED. That in itself is cool. Secondly, with the curvature and angles of the back, it could be positioned as mid century modern (mcm) to appeal to those who like that hot furniture trend. Even if it’s not actually an mcm chair (how do i know, i found the fucker in an alley after all), it could be worded to at least give a nod to the style.  It also had “soda shop chair” coolness going on with its wrought iron shapely base.  Lastly, I sensed this would appeal to just the right hipster (which it ultimately did).


red chair before3

Now this wasn’t a chair in trouble, but it wasn’t a chair that was at its most awesome potential. The wood of the seat was a bit weird, kind of like a pile of wood verses a solid block, and not particularly akin to sanding.  Plus there were some decorative holes in it. So I didn’t really think about what to do, I just primed.  Not only that, I primed like a moron. I put tape on the chair’s base to protect it, when in fact, i didn’t realize i could take the damn seat off with the wee use of a screwdriver.

red chair before 2

Taking off the base made painting the chair’s base a helluva lot easier!
I had a nice shade of red that i picked up at http://www.dickblick.com/, one of my former employers actually, and i just basically reapplied to the entire base, and vadda bing, shines like a fire engine!

red chair before1

To really pull off this chair, something needed to be done with the seat, and that something is called “antiquing” or “distressing.” There are many different ways to achieve this look, but I chose to follow Better Homes & Garden’s Tips. The only deviation was that while they started with a wood surface, I started with a primed surface. Although, I did somewhat sand it to allow some wood exposure.

So using the BHG method, which was really quite simple, and bonus, I had all the materials in the house, I antiqued away. And my friends, this is what you call a chair.


SOLD FOR $35. (not too shabby, pun intended)

Another Red Chair?

I suppose one red chair inspires another…

This was a cute little find that I’d held onto for a long time, not sure what exactly to do with it. For a while, I used it as a plant holder, but that grew tiresome. Then I hung it as a decorative ornament on my back porch, but that was just a bit weird. Then one day it hit me. Hearts. Red. Paint chair red.

The girl who bought this red chair, Vanna, is starting her business as a children’s photographer, and bought it to use as a prop! She referred to it as “one of those great Craigslist finds.” That comment went straight to my heart (pun intended), and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. She was very sweet, and if you have a child, I recommend contacting her. You can check out her work on her Facebook page. She’ll work within your budget and come up with great ideas and occasions for photographing your child!

Also, my brain is not only permeated by red chairs, but also by the song Red Shoes. Check it out in case you too have red on the brain. 🙂

This was an easy job by the way. I smoothed out the wood with some sandpaper, and then used some red paint I already had, and that was all she wrote. Or painted.




Red Chair

I know what it’s like to want a red chair. A few years ago I searched extensively for one on Craigslist, and could not find one. So, years later, I decided to make one, for someone who may be in the same position I was.

There was indeed such a person. But he took a hella long time to claim his booty.

After 45 emails back and forth between us, and 4 reschedules, Reji did indeed come, and was delightful to converse with. He said he’s planning to decorate his entire room around the chair! I wonder how that’s come along…