The name’s Glassman. Julie Glassman. I’m a writer who found a creative and fun outlet in finding, restoring, and selling furniture. This is my laboratory. What follows are my stories…



15 thoughts on “About

  1. OMG! Had no idea you restored old furniture! I am such a sucker for old tables, shelve and things people leave out on the curb. I’ve learned to control adopting them as I have enough projects! 😉


  2. Hi there, thought I’d stop by and check out your blog (thanks for your comment on mine) and wow! so impressed! I love picking up old furniture (a habit I inherited from my mum), but I have yet to learn to “do it up”. I did buy two great blue wooden chairs recently that are totally “flea-market fab” and I found a broken rocking chair on the side of the road that a clever carpenter friend was able to fix. It is about a hundred years old and beautiful. Nice to “meet” you!


    • I’m honestly the last person who one would think would have any handy skills or visual art abilities. Im a writer! But it’s so fun! And you do need space, thats been a big issue for me. Im going to go slam some water in your honor now. 🙂

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      • Yes, I’m a writer (sort of) too. I have always liked “craft” though – making greeting cards and scrapbooks – I love using my hands for that – so it’s just another step up for furniture! Gotta just get me some space. Hope you’re enjoying your water.:)


      • Do you have a website for your writing biz? You get to use your writing when you write product descriptions! Im assigning you a furniture project. Just one. Is there anything you have in your hone that could stand to be spruced up?


      • Hi, I don’t have an actual website for my writing/editing, it’s just word-of-mouth at the moment, but that is one of my goals under my “finance” category. I definitely have a few things that could stand sprucing up. One old chair in particular. But I am trying to organise a move to another city over the next few weeks (which depends on a job) so once I’m settled, it’s furniture time!


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