An interview with Bryon Finke of Furnishly

Thrifty Chi

I arrive to our interview late and find Bryon Finke sitting diligently at his laptop, wearing a gray Furnishly t-shirt, and typing away at his keyboard. The River North Starbucks we’re at is busy with its morning rush of commuters and, over the barista’s shouts of double-tall lattes and the 70s soul music blasting from the store’s speakers, I apologize profusely. Bryon, in a genuine and relaxed manner that continues throughout our interview, assures me that it’s OK and we dive right into conversation.

Inspired by online micro-market places, Bryon founded Furnishly, an online secondhand furniture market place, just over a year ago. Prior to Furnishly, Bryon was an engineering graduate eager to make the switch from enterprise software into the consumer spectrum of the tech world. “I was basically looking for something to jump into,” he tells me with a certainty and smile that, right away, makes…

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