What’s this Worth?

Congratulations, you’re the next contestant on The Price of the Dresser Is Right!! What should I charge for this beaut?

the jenna1


    My Market: I am selling this on Craigslist.
    My “Studio” Space: I do not have a lot of room, so I may go lower just to get this out of my house. Landlord thinks the back porch might cave in. Boyfriend asked when I’m going to talk to my therapist about my “hoarding.”
    My Labor: I put a lot into this one, although ’twas labor of love, and besides I’m not sure that correlates to market worth.

Thank you all for your help in todyay’s game of The Price of The Dresser Is Right!



4 thoughts on “What’s this Worth?

  1. This is a really nice piece and looks like it is in good shape and rather large, I would suggest starting at $250. You know you people are going to haggle with you anyway.


    • That’s true about the haggling. I also think anyone who wants this has the money to have the SUV to handle moving it. I also looked closer for details about its origin and found the brand, and original price points for this dressers are well over $1000…


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