Rugs Sell Like Hotcakes

The following is a series of Found Rugs that I carried home from the alleys, vacuumed, photographed, and wrote some awesome copy about. These rugs then were put on Craigslist, where they were hit fast and furiously with requests for purchase. All sold within 3 days of being posted.


Geometric Area Rug (Blacks, Browns, Greys)
 area rug - geometric


Red & White Area Rug
2 -stampel


Festive Print Rug
print rug


Black & White Pinstripe Area Rug
4 - area rug


Gorgeous Green Taj Mahal Rug
 oriental rug, taj mahal rug

Sold for $35

In conclusion, people will throw away perfectly good rugs. I will nab them and I will sell them. The buyer just needs to hear a story from me, including that it’s from a pet-free, smoke-free home, about why I’m getting rid of it (I’ve been saying because we got a new puppy and don’t want her to ruin the rug), and it’s theirs! My observation, from researching the initial value of these rugs, and no matter how good of condition they are in, if it’s a Craigslist buyer, the price must be between 10-40 for a rug. Those cheapskates just refuse to spend any more than that on a rug. But, like I said the nice thing about finding rugs is they aren’t heavy, they’re easy to transport, and, as I’ve said, they sell like hotcakes!

cute puppy


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