El Latino Milagro

that is the name for this piece.

i had to work at this like a dog while my bf was out of town, because i brought it into the kitchen, and instead of buying a tarp I just used a big rug that i found out back that someone had thrown away. oh did that thing get covered in paint chips. and oh would paul have had a heart attack if he knew what i was doing in the kitchen. but it was easy to just throw the whole rug out when done, a great free way to contain and discard of mess!

The primer that this person used was exceptionally thick and bitchy to remove. I felt a very satisfied feeling though when I unearthed the natural grain of beautiful wood, that this piece would be worth the work.

my advice from this project: do not use an electric or even hand-sander, but rather forge on through all paint removal with the process of chemical stripping. otherwise you lose the grain of the wood and risk blotchiness while staining.

p.s. the girl who bought this said she liked the “weathered” look. WTF does that mean? It also sold within days, with three people pit against each other!





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