Mini Bookcase Turned Magnifique

When I found this bookcase, I thought it was in decent shape, although the top was kinda messed up. I asked my boyfriend what he thought I should do (even though i’m the handy-woman of the relationship, sometimes he knows some things related to tools and construction).  He was, as he often is when he first sees my “junk,” negative about the prospect of the piece, claiming the top was warped and I’d have to get a new piece of wood. The warping probably occurred because I believe I found this somewhere after a rainstorm. alas and alack…

Luckily, my boyfriend’s words do not cause me to give up; in fact I almost always get a compliment from him on the restored furniture I produce, once it’s actually fixed up.

Since the top shelf was indeed comprised of warped wood, I knew I’d need to use a dark stain or paint, and I actually used a combination of the two. I never thought this piece would turn out so dark! It was a very effective way of concealing the warping, even though there was some pretty light wood grain that got lost in the process. oh well.

I also had to take out via the backside of a hammer all of the nails holding the backboard together, and re-nail them. someone threw this out because they couldn’t do this task? Oy!

In the end, I was in a shocking bidding war on Craigslist as soon as I posted it. One woman, who lived in Evanston, said she would try to make it down that week and I told her I’d let her know if it sold. When I wrote to her to let her know that it had in fact sold, she said “darn, those mini bookcases are so hard to find.”

Maybe people use them to store their Kindles and iPads, thus the preference for smaller shelves.





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