The Butler’s Table

This piece was with me a long time before I sold it. One reason such may have been the case is because I found it too humorous to resist titling it “Butler’s Table” on craigslist, the humor of which was likely lost on most people who did not study Victorian literature.

Another reason the table was with me so long was because the paint was stubborn as hell, and to make it look nice, it took a lot of effort to get in every crevice and nook of the thing. And I liked it and it looked rather swell in the kitchen. :/

When Nate Berkus’s videographer was here, he appraised it as being worth $50 in its current condition (after the paint was removed) and about $200 were I to go through all the proper motions to finish the restoration. Ultimately, I did take it from finished, to FINISHED, but did not pursue selling it anywhere besides the craigslist. I still knew it wasn’t perfecto, after all. And, it starting getting inquiries as soon as I changed the title to “Side Table.” yawn. but effective.

It was purchased by a nice woman, who brought her boisterous son of about 7 years old along with her. You know how some kids are shy? This one was not! He said “wowwww, you have so much stuff!” to which I replied “Do you watch TV?” but kind of looked to his mother for approval in asking that question; and then I took it even further by asking a 7-year-old if he watches the show Hoarders. I often have a lot of projects going on, which seems to irritate my allegedly minimalist boyfriend, who calls me a hoarder. Well, I sure felt vindicated when the little boy said “oh man, there’s no way you’re like THAT.” phew.




french antique



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