Her Turquoise Majesty

When you see this piece, you’ll see why I named it regally. She’s known as HTM for short.

This is the second piece I made during my “turquoise period.” I basically took inspiration from the piece I had just done (in my previous post), allowing the rustic, ridged antique elements to remain exposed along with the shelves, with the rest of the piece painted turquoise. This involved a trip to Menards to get more of the turquoise paint I was/am addicted to (the color, not the fumes!).

HTM was in bad shape when I first met her. But with an electric sander, some primer, and the esteemed turquoise paint (I make sure to tape the edges so I don’t get turquoise in the wrong spots), she came out beautifully. I added an Anthropologie knob that helped bring out the colors in both the paint and the wood. Although I’ve since discovered that Cost Plus World Market has great knobs, for less $$!

She’s in a good home now in Hyde Park, upon being purchased by a lovely couple who attend the University of Chicago.



SOLD FOR $45 (cuz really, who’s gonna pay more on craigslist for a night stand, no matter how “majestic” she may be…)


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