Perfect for a Contemporary or Vintage Home

This is the second piece I’ve made where I’ve stood back and looked at it and said “wow” (meaning, i thought it looked purty good). That happened to me with this table as well. And taking this book shelf from zero to hero was super easy!

I met a kind man in the aisle of Home Depot, and described to him the color and the scratched up state of affairs of my bookcase, and he picked out the perfect product for me. Made by Minwax PolyShades, this product is a stain and polyurethane in one step. So easy! I used the Bombay Mahogany, with a satin finish. Satin finish = shinnnnny! Note: wear gloves when using, this stuff makes your hands super sticky.

The beautiful thing about taking this piece from zero to hero is that I was able to circumvent any sanding. Because the stain was so dark, it covered the scratches right up, in just two coats, while allowing the antique beauty of the wood’s grain to still be exposed.


repurposed furniture wood stain

wood stain two-in-one finish


Question: Do you think bookcases are becoming obsolete in this era where bookstores are closing and people are reading on Kindles and iPads?



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