This is a Man’s World

and this was a man’s table. it just exuded bachelor, I think because of the pseudo wrought iron sides (they were actually made of a very lightweight material). I strongly sensed a male would purchase it, and I was right.

The top surface was pretty scratched up, but oh, did i have a new toy for taking care of that. The electric sander. HELL YEAH! may have changed my life. you don’t need anything fancy, but up until this project, i had been hand sanding, and aw mah gaw. this is WAY better. I’m even on the road to learning when and why to use different grits of sandpaper.

So i had some fun sanding, and then just painted a neutral copper tone (priming beforehand, coating with gloss protectant afterwards).  I used a little fancy copywriting by titling my post on craigslist “Stand Out Side Table.”



and the side view…


and just in case you now need a James Brown fix… watch this.


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