A Lesson From Oprah

I had a nice table that I thought I had restored; however, when a former employee of The Nate Berkus Show came to check it out, I learned that I was sorely mistaken.

The buyer was new to Chicago and I did not know of his background, and in fact I didn’t even know who Nate Berkus was.  But when he told me he was Oprah’s interior designer, I think I was silenced with embarrassment at my “restored” table.

This guy had picked up a lot of knowledge about furniture restoration from his job. He saw the scratch that I had not only attempted to fix, but attempted to cover up with a nice coffee table book about Ireland in my photograph.

Suffice it to say, he bought the table, and went home and redid it. Here is his process, which he kindly sent to me. I actually have since learned a lot about how to fix scratches and dents in furniture from conversing with him. Wood fill. Which you can sand, stain, and paint.

Any recommendations on a good brand of wood fill?



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