The Two-Year Table

When my boyfriend and I first moved into our apartment, we had no coffee table, and I found one outside our artsy Ukranian Village neighborhood. However, we went on Craigslist furniture and quickly upgraded to someone’s Crate & Barrel coffee table, as ours was legitimately not in the greatest condition.

Paul thought it was hopeless. He thought that because one of the legs was falling off and that because it was chipped, we should ditch it. But I saw the beauty in it, the potential for what it could be. And my friend Melanie Lewis, who happens to be incredibly rad and seasoned in theatrical set design, came over and iterated to me that I do indeed have the power to fix and construct things. Sometimes all it takes is a screwdriver. This may also be the moment when I realized that I, not my boyfriend, am the “handyman” of the relationship.

So this table was my first experience with paint remover, and I used this one.  Oh, the blessed toxicity that I love to inhale and burn my body with! Ok, I try to wear gloves and keep windows open… but to every joke there is some truth!

I actually remember that I didn’t even know that paint remover existed, and I was just trying to scrape the old black paint off this table.  boy that was slow and painstaking. Thank you Home Depot.

I worked on stripping this table to perfection during the summer, and it had some crevices in the legs that took some time. By the time I was done, the season had changed and it was cold, and my work room is not insulated! So I let it sit for a while, until recently, when I decided the time had come to move on this table. I went to Blick Art Materials, bought myself some Blick Artists’s Acrylics, and started painting the table a light blue/violet. I knew that this shade would speak only to a few people, but those whom it worked for would love it. To accentuate the piece, or to just add a final touch, I added an Anthropologie knob to give it some character.

I sold it to the third person who responded to my post for it on Craigslist. The first person was rude.  I was actually going to go out of my way and deliver it to him, and he never got back to me to confirm his time and address. Maybe he thought I was a psycho killer who hides behind painted tables. The second person was waiting to measure her space once her new furniture arrived, and then it happened. One afternoon, a girl wrote to me that she LOVED the table. And I LOVED her right back, because she is exactly who I made it for. I told her that someone else might be interested in it next week (the dimension-waiting woman), and suffice it to say, she was over within hours to take it home with her so nobody else got it.

I hope it’s happy in its new home. 🙂



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