Not All Furniture Buyers Want To Become Friends

I think I started feeling that if I was friendly, I could get repeat customers, but a lot of people just want to be in and out with their furniture transaction. For example, the guy who picked up this Blue Plant Stand seemed really cool, lived nearby, etc. He even contacted me post-sale, but he just wanted the left-over paint, and not to hang out and by my new bff. lol

Why did he want this paint? I actually had offered it to him in case there were any chips, but then I wondered if his girlfriend was dissatisfied with my paint job. The nerve of her, if she was!

Though this is a plant stand, originally from World Market, I thought I’d give it some character and paint it royal blue using Blick Acrylic Paint. It also needed to be painted because the plant that previously sat on it left a big ole water stain.

I envisioned it at Sprout Home, but again, someone bought it before I was able to contact them. I think their style helped inspire my decision to paint this light blue.

I also positioned this as an indoor side table, as the photograph will show, and I think that’s what helped my customer gravitate towards it. hey – whatever closes the sale!



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