Lane Furniture – Looking Up Value

Check them out.  I wish I would have before I priced this item. The woman who bought this coffee table from me was savvy enough to ask me things I had never even thought of, like when the piece was made, by whom, what wood, etc. – which taught me to research before I price. Even though I sold the table at a higher price than my usual items at $75, it was far short of what you’ll find the coffee tables to be priced at by Lane Furniture. Oops.

When I brought this table into the house, my boyfriend’s words were literally “what is this piece of crap” and not in the nicest of tones. I had faith in it though,  and he later took back those words. I had carried it multiple blocks when i came home one night, kicking off a nice back injury. It was nice out and i went walking instead of going in and found this table.

The red paint came off so easily, it spoiled me for future paint removals. I did not have to wait for the paint remover to settle, I did not have to scrape, it just would wipe right off. Although there was a lot of it. At times, with my scraper and red rags and towels, it looked like there’d been a bloodbath.

It came out beautifully though. I wanted to pitch it to Camp Wandawega after seeming some recent photos from their partnership with Anthropologie because i thought it would look great in a photo shoot as a prop, but someone bought it before i got around to that.  People on Craigslist were chomping at the bit for this mid-century modern beaut.

SOLD FOR $75. 


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