DIY Vintage Wall Decor

check out what i just found to spruce up your walls with vintage, damask flair while simultaneously creating display space! I cannot wait to try this!

vintage display shelves picture frameFor more info, instructions, and creative variations of this concept of “wall display shelves meet picture frames”, check out Lushome. And seriously, if any of you guys have done a project like this, or are now motivated to do so, please share! The more inspiration, the better! Lets whack out our walls. Vintage the f**k out of them!

Long live new ways to decorate!

Reflecting With Ruth

I met Ruth on Christmas Eve day, and discounted this mirror for her because it was a Christmas gift to herself. I think it looks fantastic in her space! I had the mirror for many months, had various thoughts about painting it black or red, had friends who wanted it, but I think it ended up exactly where it’s supposed to be. 🙂 Enjoy, Ruth!

IMG_1409 1

ruth's mirror

Flea Market Chic Decor

If I wasn’t going to refinish it, then I needed to reposition it.

The latter would be far less time consuming, and would get this rustic desk sold within days. And given my limited studio space, this seemed prudent. (Although deep down I would have loved to refinish this desk.)

Thus, this beaten up old desk became an alluring “Flea Market Chic Desk.” And it did in fact sell for a decent price, with many inquiries, within days, on Craigslist.

Have you considered stylizing your space a-la Flea Market? There are different ways and extents to which you can add some flea market flair to your home decor. Check out these two Flea Market Chic dining rooms for inspiration:

from Houzz

This dining room has a clean, cottage feel, infused with some Flea Market Chic. Notice the chairs at this table. They are perfectly flea marketed to imperfection, giving this room just a touch of flea market fab. As well, the slight bulges in the wood on the table blend in with the look and feel of the room, as though they were done deliberately.

from Design Sponge

Or go full-on Flea Market and you too will have “a colorful midwestern home filled with flea market finds.” Here’s how Jennifer Harrison made her dining room (pictured above) a marvel of Flea Market Chic, while getting her barter on as well!

“The lights were from a garage sale. I found them wrapped in garbage bags on the floor with all the beads in the bottom of the bag. When I got them home and put them together, they were awesome – for $3. The chairs are from the historical Cleveland- based Higbee’s from their ice cream parlor that was located in the basement of the store. I purchased 6 of them for a $1 each and reupholstered them with a cowhide rug I had. The rug I got on ebay from Turkey is a 13ft kilim rug, I’m in love with it and the color it brings to this room. My table was out of a flower shop, it’s what they used for their work station. The top has an amazing patina which adds to the character.”

If you live in Chicago or the Chicagoland area, and want to go flea-ing, here are a few recos:

And if you live somewhere else and know of a great flea market, please share!

Can She Sell This??

green vase 1

It is photographed (finally), although not yet posted for sale. Working title is “Green Vase.” There was a price tag on it, that said $49.50. I will report back in when it officially becomes available to the public, and then the countdown to sale shall begin! So stay tuned!

P.S. I’m taking suggestions on both names for the item and suggested prices. 🙂 In fact, if you want to bid on this and live in Chicago, it could be all yours!



There’s a certain satisfaction…

in receiving the following email just hours after a nice woman picked up this funky nightstand from me (I had forgotten to delete the listing), never once trying to haggle over my already ludicrously cheap price:

“I am very much interested in the nightstand, I was wondering whether a reduction in the price would be possible – or delivery, maybe?”

HA! Too bad, so sad, Craigslist Cheapskate that for once i can ignore :). Apparently, I’m not the only one annoyed by the hecklers, check out this Craigslist vent!

P.S. The buyer customized her new nifty nightstand by removing my shabby chic Anthropologie knobs and replacing them with some i found for free.


vintage night stand


Save The World, One Piece of Furniture at a Time

While researching some dining chairs made by Cochrane Furniture, preparing to vastly under-price them on Craigslist to get them out of my cramped apartment, I came upon a great blog, authored by Jackie Hirschhaut, Vice President of the American Home Furnishings Alliance. This interesting post about “going green” when it comes to home furnishings caught my attention. Perhaps it was because of these whacky but cool hippy chairs:

hippy chairs












I just sold a lamp, and threw in the word “Upcycled” in the headline of the post. It got several hits, incurred the loss of interest or sheer laziness of several inquirees, and finally got dropped off in Bridgeport by me to the new owner. The artist was a neighbor I never met living in an art co-op near my house. He/She threw this lamp out! I’m nearly certain that this lamp was made from plastic bottles sandblasted into plastic sheets then beautifully crafted, much like the work of Sarah Turner. Here’s the “Upcycled White Daisy Lamp” that I found and sold:

white lamp3

If anyone is up for searching, I’d love to be directed to more earth-friendly furniture info/DIY projects, etc. As for me right now, the dining chairs await their fateful posting on Craigslist…